September 30

Sharing with Kuya

Happy to see my kids getting along so well. As a parent, it makes me very proud to see them like this, and not fighting on the crayons, on who is going to color this, and not hearing the ‘this is mine’ dialogue. lol. The little one shares now with his big brother. Before I would always here the ‘This is Mine!’ But now, he wants his big brother to play with him all the time. 🙂 Isn’t that great! I hope they will stay like this until they grow older

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Posted September 30, 2012 by emzkie in category "Rants


  1. By SassyChick on

    Ah, that’s good to know Mommy Emz! maka-touch sa heart mga sweet moments nila noh? I-treasure jud ni nga pic Mommy.

  2. By jesie on

    that was so nice of your eldest son to play with his little bro. Mine was so mean to his little sister. always taking toys away from her!

  3. By jheylo on

    sounds very familiar hehehhehe. But i so agree on what you said about seeing them getting along is the best feeling we can ever have. sometimes it gives me tears when I see them play together and laugh together. but when they’re fighting over something, oh boy! i get annoyed and i had to separate them by letting them take their naps so i can have my peaceful moment

  4. By Rcel on

    Credit goes to Kuya Jj kay sya ang giving kaayo. Ug unsa ang big brother, mao pud ang buhaton sa manghod. That’s why I would always remind Triz here that she has to be a good Ate kay sya ang model ni Tiara. Kung being bad sya, bad pud ang masundog sa manghod. It’s working man pud. And credit to you, too, Emz for raising JJ to be such a fine little man! 🙂

  5. By Dhemz on

    sweet! bonding with kuya…bitaw, agree ko ni Rcel…I can tell he is very patient with Clayton.

  6. By Bless on

    I think most older siblings really are trying to be patient with the little ones 🙂 Great to see them getting along well 🙂


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