September 10

First Day of School, First Time to Ride the School Bus

August 28 was the first day of school for my 2nd grader. He was so excited that he got up earlier than me. He head straight to the bathroom and took a bath right away. And when I got up, he was already dress up. 🙂 I got his clothes ready on the night before, so that he will not have a hard time looking for something to wear on his first day. And of course, everything he wore that day was new. I got him new polo, shirt, pants, and shoes from OshKos B Gosh. I want him to look great on his first day, so he will feel great all day.

It was his first time to ride the school bus. I mentioned on my last post that he used to be a Van Rider because of the location of our house which was not within the School District that he attended too when he was in 1st grade. Anyhow, he was really excited when we were at the bus stop. He cant hide his excitement, because he was going up and down. lol. It was the first time to see neighbor’s kids at the bus stop, he was happy to meet them, and I was happy also to meet our nice neighbors. They seems friendly enough. They were excited too for their kids, because of picture taking here and there. I guess its natural for parents seeing their kids growing up and getting in the school bus. I have a few of my snaps as well of my eldest. Here he is with his book bag and lunch pack. I packed him lunches to know if he is eating lunch or not. So far, he comes home with empty lunch box. 🙂


I sure am proud of my kuya. He said that first day of school was so much fun. And he like his new school and his new teacher. I feel so relieved when I heard this. I hope he will do much better this year. 🙂

Blue Monday

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  1. By Sally on

    Thanks for sharing your son in blues. I look forward to your comment on my blog.

    Happy Blue Monday, Emzkie.

  2. By tatess on

    oh, kids are excited to go to school after a long summer vacation. My son is happier now, unlike last years ,he was only 3 years old and required to wear seat belt in the bus.This school year, he is already four and no more seat belt.

  3. By jheylo on

    first day of school 😀 it must be an exciting day for your son mami emz. I bet you are excited as much as your son does. never let my son take the school bus. I would rather let my son walk to school with me or drop him off to school

  4. By Bless on

    Weeee…the kids are excited to ride the bus 🙂 Our girl was upset on the first day when she did not ride the bus home 🙂

  5. By Mel Cole on

    yay, congrats kuya Gi-an! amazing how kids gets excited during first day of school here huh? it just fascinates me.

  6. By Adin U. Blankenship on

    Yaye! Sakay na sa school bus si dodong nimo mommy. Agoy akoa bugoy nya ani someday. Basin magtyabaw ko sa kamingaw and akoa bata mas ma excited mo adto ug skol.. hahaha… Ang akoa bugoy kay gusto jud mo sakay ug school bus. hahaha

  7. By on

    with a loving mum like you po.. i’m sure he’s way going to do good at school.. cheers for having such an adorable son.. 🙂


  8. By Haze on

    First day of school is sure exciting not only to the kids but as well as to the parents. Picture here and there and make sure they look their best too. Your son is such a good boy for not giving you grief during mornings. He is like my daughter too in many ways who is diligent and independent. Glad that he finds his first of school great.

  9. By zoan on

    Congrats for the great first day of school . I hope that he will have the se feelings til the end od the school year

  10. By Chie on

    It is a good thing he got used to his new environment right away. I hope he gets to enjoy school more in the coming days.


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