September 5

1st week in school

A week has pass already since the first day of school. My son seems tired all the time whenever he comes home from school. He doesn’t look happy at all. It make me wonder if he likes his new school or not. Being the new kid is pretty tough in his age. It would take time to get adjusted and to have friends in school. Especially the case of my kuya who is very shy and so timid, he is the type that would wait for somebody to talk to him and make friends.

I asked him today if he like his new school, he said Yes. I asked him also if he like his teacher, he said yes again. Then I asked him if somebody is bother him in school cause he doesnt look happy, he said No. Then I asked him if he has friends already, and he said No with a sad face. :-(. It sure made me feel sad, and I dont know how to fix his problem. I just told him that he should say Hi to everyone, or to the boy that is sitted next to him when he get in to his class. And always smile to his classmates so they will start talking to him. But I’m not sure if he is gonna do it, as I said earlier he is a very shy boy. I talk to hubby about this, he said that its only the first week of school, and that I shouldnt worry so much, because its natural that he will feel that way. Sooner or later he will have friends and will enjoy school even more. Well.. I hope so! Cause I hate to see him like this.

I hope my kuya will have friends in his school soon, so he will not feel sad when he comes home.


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