September 30

Sharing with Kuya

Happy to see my kids getting along so well. As a parent, it makes me very proud to see them like this, and not fighting on the crayons, on who is going to color this, and not hearing the ‘this is mine’ dialogue. lol. The little one shares now with his big brother. Before I would always here the ‘This is Mine!’ But now, he wants his big brother to play with him all the time. 🙂 Isn’t that great! I hope they will stay like this until they grow older

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September 13

Clayton Rapping

I was really laughing so hard today after hearing my son rapping. At his young age of 3 he never stop to amaze me. Let me share you what I was laughing about.

  Clayton pick up my flip flop and said in a rap tune:
I found a shoe, I found a shoe… and i don’t know what to do…(with gestures and nodding)

Isn’t that so funny? He made this up all by himself. I think its because of that show Ni Hao Kai Lan that he was watching at the other day. One of the characters was trying to rhyme, but doesn’t know how. And I saw my little one was watching the show intently, and was following the words on what they were saying in the show. And now, he cracks me up today, by making up his own rhyming song. lol! He sure learned a lot from watching those educational shows in TV. I am so happy that he picks it up easily. My little boy is sure growing so fast. It makes me proud that he is learning on his own. 🙂

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September 12

Missing school for the first time

Its the time of the year again, when colds and flu are popular. When school starts, its hard to avoid of not getting sick, specially if you have student at home who brings in the virus inside the house. So it is really important to wash your hands all the time before eating anything. But inspite all the cautions, we still caught it. 🙁

Not feeling so good today. My eldest is sick as well. He brought home a virus the other day from school, and now he got a flu, and got me too. Thank God the little one didnt get it yet, I hope he will not get it! But hubby seems like he is getting it because he was complaining that his throat is sore.

My eldest stayed missed school for 2 days now, I hope he feel better tomorrow. I hate to see him so weak and cant eat much because of the sore throat. Maybe tomorrow he feels much better. I hope so!


September 10

My Time with the Little one

No matter how busy I am with my online task and house hold chores, I always find time to play with my little youngster. I sit with him for an hour in the living room and do stuff with him that he likes to do. I play with him and his toys, read a book together, do some puzzles together, and sometimes just cuddle together while we watch his favorite show on TV, and explain to him what is happening on TV so he will understand better. He is such a sweet boy that he loves to do stuff with me.

Check out this video below when we were playing ‘Find the Items’ in this book of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that I bought for him.

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September 10

First Day of School, First Time to Ride the School Bus

August 28 was the first day of school for my 2nd grader. He was so excited that he got up earlier than me. He head straight to the bathroom and took a bath right away. And when I got up, he was already dress up. 🙂 I got his clothes ready on the night before, so that he will not have a hard time looking for something to wear on his first day. And of course, everything he wore that day was new. I got him new polo, shirt, pants, and shoes from OshKos B Gosh. I want him to look great on his first day, so he will feel great all day.

It was his first time to ride the school bus. I mentioned on my last post that he used to be a Van Rider because of the location of our house which was not within the School District that he attended too when he was in 1st grade. Anyhow, he was really excited when we were at the bus stop. He cant hide his excitement, because he was going up and down. lol. It was the first time to see neighbor’s kids at the bus stop, he was happy to meet them, and I was happy also to meet our nice neighbors. They seems friendly enough. They were excited too for their kids, because of picture taking here and there. I guess its natural for parents seeing their kids growing up and getting in the school bus. I have a few of my snaps as well of my eldest. Here he is with his book bag and lunch pack. I packed him lunches to know if he is eating lunch or not. So far, he comes home with empty lunch box. 🙂


I sure am proud of my kuya. He said that first day of school was so much fun. And he like his new school and his new teacher. I feel so relieved when I heard this. I hope he will do much better this year. 🙂

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