August 30

Things to bring on the First Day

I had been so busy this past few days that I was not able to update this blog for a week, forgive me if I’m very slow, but there are more important things to tend to such as preparing the things needed for my eldest first day of school. Last week,  I talked about the open house of my son’s school and was able to meet his new teacher. After a few days from the open house, we received a letter from his teacher, telling us the things that JJ need to bring with him on his first day of school. Here is what she wants JJ to bring…Photobucket

 She only required a few stuff which is good, that means the school will provide the school supplies that are not listed here such as pencils, erasers, art stuff, notebooks and more. We have everything that is in the list already, the only thing I did is to looked for them in the basement where all the school stuff is. Because when we moved in this house 2 months ago, we stack most of our stuff in the basement. Finding them made me feel so weary.  I also prepared my son’s lunches by making a menu for the week, so that it will be easy for me in the morning, and make sure that he will have healthy lunch everyday. Its mostly sandwich though, cause its easier to make. I bought different kinds of Ham such as Turkey, Chicken, and Pork.I also bought some goodies like cookies, box juices, and cheeses. 🙂 Maybe I will search later in the internet on whats the best lunches to pack for kids that way I have idea what to pack.

Anyhow,  School just started last Tuesday, my 2nd grader cant simply hide his excitement. I was very excited for him too. I think he will do a great job in school.

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  1. By jheylo on

    isn’t it cool… only in America lng gyud ang schools naga provide mostly sa school supplies hehehhe

  2. By Mel Cole on

    aww, it makes me feel jealous to see kids going to school already as my kids are still too small. good luck to him and may he learn many new things at school.

  3. By zoan on

    Wow imagine free yung ibang school stuff. Baka kasali na sa tuition at miscellanous? Dito kasi sa Pinas walang free. Hehehe

  4. By Bless on

    We have a list too of the things needed for school for our kindergartner. Honestly we haven’t bought any yet but we’ll get it this weekend and drop it off on Tuesday during their open house. Their classes here starts on the 5th.

  5. By Genny on

    Wow that school is awesome so small amount of supplies. My son got some of the uniforms from school for free too.

  6. By Shela on

    Isn’t it fun? i love shopping school stuff for kids! even though he get free stuff from his online school i still do some buying here and there just can’t help it as mommy :))

  7. By Lulu on

    I am excited to see my daughter goes to school. that will be next year. It is very cool that your school provides supplies.

  8. By jesie on

    i love list too when it comes to things that my son needs for school. it is better that way than sorry.

  9. By Anne's Sweet Life on

    For my level one here they provide a bag and notebooks too. We just need to bring health stuff for them like soap alcohol etc.. etc… And I love it because I don’t need to buy those school supplies.

  10. By Chie on

    This reminds me of my excitement way way back when school is nearly starting…i used to like the smell of my new notebooks. I can feel your son’s excitement. Good luck on him.


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