August 21

School Open House

Yesterday was my son’s new school open house. Its when the new students and parents get the chance to explore the school, familiarize with the facilities, check out the classrooms, and meet the new teacher for the first time.  The school was not as big as Jians previous school, it was all in one floor which is a good thing, I dont have to worry about him falling or tripping down the stairs. They have pretty much of everything like any other school here in US. They have a big cafeteria, a big gym for playing indoor, and a big yard that has a playground and ball fields, which got my kids so excited when they saw it yesterday. 🙂

This school is used to be grade 5-6 only, now they are open for grade K- 6. Its the first year of the school to open from K-4, so everybody is new in this establishment except for those who are gonna be in 6th grade of course. Also the teachers are new. I was able to meet Jians new teacher yesterday. She seems very nice. A petite lady who is in her early 50’s I believed. I hope she is not as strict as my Chemistry teacher when I was in high school . hehehe.

Anyhow, my kids were so excited to look around, checking out where is the restroom, the lockers, the library, and stuff. Before we left the building, we spotted some wall paintings. I thought its pretty cool. Check out the photos below.

This is my entry for #232 BPC


Arent they pretty? Theres more like this in every corner. I think the students painted it, because there are names on the creatures on the 2nd photo. 🙂 . I sure love their creativeness. I cant wait for my Kuya to learn all this stuff.

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  1. By Bless on

    Wow, pretty neat paintings! Hay maapil jud ta sa kaexcited for our kids to go to school. Naa sab mi parent/teacher/student conference on the 27 which we all can’t wait 🙂

  2. By sir rob on

    I think you are more excited than your son in getting back to school again. lol Pretty neat though.

  3. By haze on

    It looks so cool the american flag wall art. Your kids are growing each time I see their photos. Our back-to-school here is not until the 6th and my kids are so excited na pud.

  4. By zoan on

    Cool;) the open-house version here in the Philippines is the back to school brigada skwela where the parents went to school to cut grasses, sweep the floors and clean classrooms.

  5. By Jessica Cassidy on

    Welcome to 2nd grade Kuya JJ 🙂 I am sure that you will have the fun making new friends and learn many cool stuff 🙂 It looks like the baby brother wants to go to school too. Don’t worry baby brother pretty soon, you will join Kuya JJ to learn and at the same time have fun 🙂

  6. By Pinx on

    wow! cool school. is this private Emz? i am excited to enroll Kuya Bogs in his new school. i know it’s going to be a challenge for him and for us too… can’t wait though.

  7. By Genny on

    Oh cool the open house is always great for the kids at least they will familiarize the school. My son’s open house also in their school will be Thursday….


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