August 13

Enrolment Day

I apologize for not updating this blog for a couple of weeks, my family and I had been caught up with our daily do’s. Recently we just had a 3 day vacation in Virginia Beach, and was offline for a couple of days. I had been trying to catch up with my blogging career and now that I’m almost back, I would like to share the day when I enrolled my 2nd grader in his New school. Forgive me for not mentioning the name of the school that he is going to for personal privacy, and to protect my children.

Anyways, it was a great sunny day when I took my son to his new school to register him. The school here in US are not as strict as in Phil that needs to have good morals documents and etch., they only asked for the birth certificate, shots records, and proof of residency. Pretty easy huh? As for the school records, I don’t have to worry about that because they will just asked the old school to send them his records, that’s how convenient it is here. Since I don’t have his shots records, the lady said that its no problem cause they can asked the Nurse of the old school to fax to them. I was like.. ok, cool! hehehe.. After that, he was already enrolled. Easy as a pie isnt it? I know in Phil, its very tough, you have to enroll your kids like every year, unlike here in US, you only do it ones, or if you transfer to a new school; then they will just mail you every year on what room you are in, and who is your teacher, and some other information such as school Bus schedule drop and pickup, school rules and regulations, and whats the menu for this week’s lunch, very convenient for parents aye? But of course as a parent, its our duty to monitor our kids progress in school. I am very happy that I got all the time in the world to do that. 🙂

Anyhow, below is a photo of my kids in the school office. The little one wants to go to school too, as you can see he is very excited and so happy about it. Well, sad to say, you have to wait when your 5 years old boy, because we are here for your Kuya Jian. As of now, mommy will be your teacher. 😀


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  1. By haze on

    Yes, enrolling them there or here are pretty much the same, it’s a piece of cake processed and yes only once unless they transfer of course. I think it’s only in the Philippines that they are making it all difficult for the parents and the pupils. Glad, you’ve done it. And oh I can see the little one’s excitement in his face. Soon, little boy.

  2. By jheylo on

    look at their faces, those grins simply means happiness and excitement. they surely can’t wait to go to school. easy lng gyud dri mami emz, sa pinas daghan ka ekekan.

  3. By Jessica Cassidy on

    awww! Kuya JJ is eager to learn and with matching little brother too 🙂 Have fun at your new school Kuya and enjoy 2nd grade 🙂 Returning from BPC.

  4. By Mel Cole on

    I didn’t know that mommy Emz, how nice that you’ll just have to enroll once and that’s it. look at the two kiddos, they are so excited 🙂

  5. By Pinx on

    awsss..i’m glad to know that i don’t have to enroll Kuya Bogs every year.. hehehe… i have all those documents ready na… shots record, birth certificate adn proof of residency…weeeeee! excited to enroll Kuya Bogs in his new school too! heheh… 223 bpc hop.

  6. By mike on

    school is fun and they should enjoy it while they can 🙂 college is no fun anymore, that’s when they get to be serious with their school. so kids, enjoy your school days while you are still young. make a lot of friends and listen to your teacher.

    visiting back from BPC

  7. By Dhemz on

    agoy, 2nd grade na jud si kuya…hehhehe…nibalhin diay si Jian ug skul sisEmz? wala diay sya ganahi sa iya previous skul or is it because you moved…just wondering…ehhehee!

    tawon ang gamay nga bogoy, ready na jud intawon sya…japorms raba kau….daghan jud babaye mailad ani puhon…joke!

    lahi lagi dire sa ila Akesh kay I have to enroll her every SY…weeeeee!

    thanks sa BPC hop!

    re: na busy kau ang barko sis…hahhaa…labi na ug ting kaon…agoy, taas kau ang linya…pero d nuon kau gubot kay luag man kau ang kan-anan…gubot lang didto sa deck kay didto man ang waterslides/pool/jacuzzi.

  8. By Bless on

    As in happy faces jud oi 🙂 Yup I like the process of their enrollment here kay dali ra jud. No long lines and not much requirements. Our kindergartner was already enrolled last April when the registration for this coming school year started hehehe eskayted kaayo ang parents mao ng sayo jud hadlok hutdan ug bangko KUK jowks 🙂


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