July 31

New Place. New Friends. New School

To move to a new place here in US is not an easy thing to do. Specially if you are moving to a new State cause the laws would be different, the people, the food, the surroundings, and the weather. Good thing we didn’t moved that far from our old place, so getting used to in our new surroundings right now was not so tough for me.  But for my 2nd grader its gonna be a big challenge for him, because he will be going to a new school, and fitting in might be a problem for my soon-to-be-2ndgrader. This really worries me. I hope he will fit in just fine and make new friends. Because the last school that he attended, it took him a while to fit in.

And now he is going to start from scratch again. Hubby and I tried to find a new place just within the old district, so that he will still go to the same school. But sad to say, we didnt find anything that is within the district. We feel sad that he has to experience all these, and this is not gonna be the first move,because after a year from now we will move again to a new place. Its gonna be a very stressful year for my son, but Im hoping things will be okay for him, and I hope that he will enjoy meeting new friends, adjust with the surroundings, and get used to with the facilities in his New School.  I also hope that he will like his new school,  if not, then I have no choice but to pull him out and home school him.

Well, theres one good thing though, that my son is excited about, and that is to ride the school bus! 🙂 In our old place, he was a Van rider, because there is no school bus from Spring Grove Elementary passes by our house, so he was specially picked up by a Van, and dropped off by a Van right in front of our house. Aint that cool? Sometimes it will drive in to our driveway if Im not at the gate to pick him up. I sure miss those days, but oh well, we have to move on and accept this changes that is happening to our lives right now. If things doesnt work out with my boy, mommy will always find a solution.

I would like to share this photo below of my son on his last day of riding the Van 4. This was taken on his last day of school a couple of months ago.

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