November 13

Read Your Heart Out

A couple of days ago, my son brought home a sheet of paper, stating that, if he wants to eat a pizza, he needs to read 6 books for November, and write down the Title and Author of the book that he read. He started reading 3 books right away on that night. And on the 2nd night, he read another 3 books. He was done right away before November ends. I know its pretty easy. But if it weren’t for this special homework, he woudn’t bother to read 3 books in one night. He usually just read one book, and that is before bedtime. Since he was determine to eat pizza. He finished reading 6 books in no time.

What did he read? I chose the books that he read that night. I chose books that are higher level so it will be more challenging for him. I guess it was easy peasy for my 2nd grader.

Anyhow, after reading 6 books, he came home with this coupon. He was so happy to show it to me, that he got a free pizza for reading 6 books. Isn’t that awesome! He was excited to order his pizza, but I told him maybe some other time because I was already cooking dinner that night. How about you? Have you receive any free stuff such as this? Prices like this surely help motivate kids to do good. I hope they do this every month. =D

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