July 21

Before Summer Ends

Time fly so fast that it’s in the middle of Summer already! Wow, soon enough it will be August and then it’s time to go back to school. We haven’t done much this Summer, I hope hubby will find time and take us out somewhere fun where there is lots of water and music. Yes! I am talking about the beach, while relaxing under the sun, it would be cool to listen to a rock band playing. When my family and I went to Virginia Beach 2 years ago, a group of rock bands played some really cool music with their awesome rock amp  that made their sound so awesome. It made our vacation perfect. Oh how I wish we can do that again this year before Summer ends.

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June 21

Kindergarten Here I Come!!

 photo 10001410_10152099699033382_1125437841_n_zps5f3f6ef6.jpg
Yes! This little rascal is just too excited to go to school. When I registered him to his new school he was babbling none stop to the lady that was in charge, telling her how excited he was and can’t wait to have friends. As a parent, I am excited as well for him. I just hope that he does well, and will not give his school teacher a hard time. He can’t read yet, and his writing still needs improvement, I so hope that he will learn to read soon before school starts so he can keep up  his  class easy.

May 23

Learning About Health Insurance

Learning about Health Insurance is getting complicated everyday. It seems like a lot of Healthy Insurance Company change their policy often times due to Government Laws. It really sucks if all of a sudden your policy changed or ceased to exist because of this. I for one experienced it and our deductible went up and our coverage changed. So now we are in a lookout for a new Health Insurance that is just right for our family. I wish there is one here in PA that is like the affordable health insurance of nc that would give us what we need. Oh well, I guess I have to do a lot of research and reading about it to make sure that we choose the right one.

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March 18


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March 15

Done Writing All the Alphabets

Finally, my toddler was able to write the Alphabets letters all by himself. I could say he is ready for kindergarten. Check out his penmanship below, isn’t it amazing? But he still need more practice though so he will not forget how to write the letters. Next time we will practice in words. photo IMG_9859_zpsebe712cf.jpg