May 19

Seach for the Best Musical Instrument for my Eldest

School is almost over, and I am on search for the best musical instrument for my eldest to learn this Summer. I thought piano would be best but then its too expensive to buy a piano. Flute is nice too but I am not sure my eldest will like it. I think guitar would suit him since he like to fiddle with his finger. And maybe in the future when he learned to play it, I might get him his own electric guitar with rotosound strings . =)

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May 17

incoming 5th graders orientation

Where did time go?  I cant believe my first born is gonna be in 5th grade this coming school year! We attended the orientation last week in Intermediate School and my eldest just cant hide his excitement. He was super excited to meet his teacher in 5th grade and to see his new classmates from different district. I am glad that he and Jac my friends son who is from Paradise Elem School is gonna be in the same class. At least he have a friend that he can talk or sit next to during lunch or recess. Anyway, during the orientation, they got the chance to practice opening the locker. Yes, they’ll gonna have a locker and I hope that Kuya will not have a hard time opening his locker next year. I think he will be fine. =) Im sure kuya will enjoy 5th grade!

 photo 11269651_971039469587572_483354601762478607_n_zpsrrrbvjca.jpg dfd

April 10

So many plans for my kids this year

Spring is finally here! Woohoo! I am too excited because I got lots of plans for my kids that I want to fulfill hopefully one at a time. Right now they are into swimming class and I am so glad they love it! Hopefully they will finish it and learned how to swim before Summer starts, cause summer will be a new different thing to learn and that is music. Yes! I thought my eldest would love to learn any musical instruments and the first thing on my list is the trumpet or the french horn which is awesome by the way. =) I bet my eldest will really love it, I hope cause  buying a french horn or a trumpet is not cheap especially if you want the best. And its not that easy cause you need to know which one suits you best. Oh well, I still have a long ways to learn about that stuff, and hopefully by summer we got something. Isnt this so exciting! Oh I cant wait!

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January 28

January is almost over

Time fly so fast that it is the end of the week of January, soon enough it will be February! Whew! Its almost the month of Love and I bet everyone is thinking of what to get for her/his special someone. With the internet, it wont be that hard. You can check out the website for cool stuff that you wont find in your local store. The prices of their items are affordable too! I bet they have the one you are looking for.

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December 15

Kids in Sunday School

Ive mentioned before that my kids are attending Sunday School. I was so glad that I enrolled them cause they love it! They had fun learning about the Bible and the life of Jesus. It is such a joy to me whenever my kids come home and share to me what they have learned.

Photo below is my kindergarten. This is what their classroom look like. They are seated on a round table which I thought is really cool cause they can see each other’s faces. As you can see the little one is so comfortable and he loves his teacher which is super nice. So far I havent heard any complain yet, that means my little one is doing really well. So driving them early in the morning to attend Sunday school is just worth it.

 photo 10660095_10152623727778382_2935440817303627360_n_zps632fe770.jpg dfgfd

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