July 18

Personalized Backpacks For Your First Time Schoolers

Its already the middle of July and soon you will be getting ready for the coming school year. Wow time fly so fast, I bet you wish Summer would last forever, sad to say that wont ever happen. LoL. Anyway, I would like to share to you a website that has some really cool back-2-school stuff that you can even personalized.

I thought their products would be perfect for first time schoolers who are worried about the first day of school. Well, the personalized backpacks from The Crazy Day will surely make your little one excited about school. Check out this owl backpack below. Isn’t it pretty? If I have a kindergartener, I will surely purchase this one.

Anyway, they also have for teens and moms if you are looking for some.

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June 18

Learning Materials for this Summer

I bought my kids these learning materials that I found at Walmart. It is quite pricey but its worth it! I am so glad I bought it. I recommend it to all parents out there who are tutoring their kids this Summer while school is out. This learning materials are really awesome! Its very colorful inside that make kids interested to learn. So far my kids love it.

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May 26

Accessories for your Saxophone

Learning how to play a saxophone? Check out rubber alto mouthpiece . This is a piece of accessories that you want to have to help you play at ease the playing, not only that but it will also help produce beautiful sound. If you are playing traditional Jazz this piece is just perfect for you but can also adapt modern style. The quality is good, its very versatile, and the price is just right.

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May 19

Seach for the Best Musical Instrument for my Eldest

School is almost over, and I am on search for the best musical instrument for my eldest to learn this Summer. I thought piano would be best but then its too expensive to buy a piano. Flute is nice too but I am not sure my eldest will like it. I think guitar would suit him since he like to fiddle with his finger. And maybe in the future when he learned to play it, I might get him his own electric guitar with rotosound strings . =)

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April 10

So many plans for my kids this year

Spring is finally here! Woohoo! I am too excited because I got lots of plans for my kids that I want to fulfill hopefully one at a time. Right now they are into swimming class and I am so glad they love it! Hopefully they will finish it and learned how to swim before Summer starts, cause summer will be a new different thing to learn and that is music. Yes! I thought my eldest would love to learn any musical instruments and the first thing on my list is the trumpet or the french horn which is awesome by the way. =) I bet my eldest will really love it, I hope cause  buying a french horn or a trumpet is not cheap especially if you want the best. And its not that easy cause you need to know which one suits you best. Oh well, I still have a long ways to learn about that stuff, and hopefully by summer we got something. Isnt this so exciting! Oh I cant wait!

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