October 20

CLayton : Coloring Style #1


One of the things that my little boy and I does here in the house while the brother is away for school is, coloring. Maybe some of you already know that this little one above loves to color. As you can see on the photo, he is trying to color Isa using his footsie! LoL! Isa is the green iguana in the show Dora the Explorer. My little one here knows all of the characters in this show, in fact its one of his favorite show. I got him this coloring book to keep him busy while I do my online task. And of course, I take a time out from my job, and help the little one finish a picture. When I saw him coloring like this, I was laughing so hard. I find it so amusing, especially his facial reaction when he was telling me about it. He sure is a funny little boy. My stress reliever. =)

Blog Photo Challenge #294/366

September 4

on Labor Day

How time fly so fast? It’s September already and its the second week of school. My student has been doing pretty good since the first day of school. He said he loves it, his teacher is very nice, and he likes riding the school bus with the kids from school. I am really happy for him. I hope nobody will bother him, or bully him so he will enjoy school even more.

Today, he stayed home, because its Labor Day. I almost forgot that today is a Holiday, good thing I found the school calendar laying on the floor and decided to check it out, before waking him up to get ready for school.

Since school is out today, I was planning to take my kids to the park where they could play, but when I looked outside, the weather said that its not a good idea to go to the park. Oh well, maybe next time. So we just stayed indoor all day, watching some educational shows on TV, playing some games, and coloring some pictures in a coloring book. I am proud to say, my little toddler is getting better in coloring! Hurray! I am so happy that he was able to color a whole picture all by himself already! Usually he cant finished it, and he would complain like: ‘ I’m so tired Mum Mum, I’m so tired of coloring’. But I got him motivated by coloring with him, and showing him how beautiful it is, if he finish his work. Check out some of his work below. PhotobucketIsn’t it amazing!  With a little bit more practice, he can color within the lines. 🙂

PhotobucketHere he is seriously coloring his Caillou Coloring Book.

Is’nt it great to see your kids improving? No matter how little it is, as a parent, its an achievement. It makes me a proud Mama.:-)

Well, that was our Labor Day. How about you? What did you do on Labor Day?