September 12

Missing school for the first time

Its the time of the year again, when colds and flu are popular. When school starts, its hard to avoid of not getting sick, specially if you have student at home who brings in the virus inside the house. So it is really important to wash your hands all the time before eating anything. But inspite all the cautions, we still caught it. 🙁

Not feeling so good today. My eldest is sick as well. He brought home a virus the other day from school, and now he got a flu, and got me too. Thank God the little one didnt get it yet, I hope he will not get it! But hubby seems like he is getting it because he was complaining that his throat is sore.

My eldest stayed missed school for 2 days now, I hope he feel better tomorrow. I hate to see him so weak and cant eat much because of the sore throat. Maybe tomorrow he feels much better. I hope so!