September 16

Interface Amp

A couple of days ago, I mentioned about a mini amp that is portable and perfect for kids who play in a band. Well, here is an ampkit that is even more portable and so easy to used. But I dont think this would be perfect for band practices. I think this is more personal where you can listen to your music wherever you go with the used of your iPhone or iPad. Isn’t that cool? This would be perfect if you are traveling.

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September 13

Mini Guitar Amplifier

This mini guitar amplifier is just perfect for students who are in a band. It is great for school for practices and band practices, with its small size you can take it anywhere. It is  lightweight, easy to access, wireless, and sounds great too. The price is also affordable, so if you are searching for the best small guitar amp , you might want to consider this one.

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May 10

Clayton’s House Project

This is Claytons house project in first grade.  photo 13178570_10154073597643382_757920960080542049_n_zpsbkpndjlj.jpg
Isn’t it neat? Their project was to make house from around the world, and he chose to make this Nipa Hut on top of the ocean.
just like the one he saw in Philippines when we went there for a vacation. He sure is very proud of his project, he want to show to his classmates and teacher that some people in the Philippines live on top of the water.

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January 13

Tuning it in

To learn to play the guitar is not just learning how to read the notes and strum it. You should also learn how to tune it, guitar string tuning is one of the most important things to learn in guitar lessons. You gotta know if you sound right, right?  You might think its easy and that you can learn it by yourself, but its not. You need a professional to show you the proper way on how to do it and how to listen to your guitar

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