January 16

Excited for the School Talent Show

The school talent show is come nearing, I am sure all the kids who are planning to join are excited. But I bet parents are more excited to see their child up on the stage and showing their talents to everyone. I would like my son to join to but he is not yet ready for it. He is a very shy boy and just want to be an observer as of now. Well, even though he is not joining the show, I would still wanna go and see what other kids has to show. Parents would surely dress up their angels with some cheap tuxedos and pretty princess dresses just for the night for their child to look best on stage. It’s gonna be a very exciting night for everyone.

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January 14

Study Time with Clayton

I had been ignoring this little one studies for more than a month now, and I feel so guilty about it. I know I should focus on him since he is gonna be in Kindergarten this coming school year. He still doesnt know how to write yet, and doesn’t know how to read! Oh my, I feel so bad. So today, I sat down with him and made him write his name. I wrote his name first on his pad, and told him to copy it. He was able to copy, but after writing his name twice which took him more than 15mins, he asked for a break. He said he is very tired already and doesnt want to do it anymore. I was like.. oh oh! It sure is my fault why he behaves like that because I was so  lenient at him and just let him play all day. Because of this, I made a resolution with my little boy to have a study time every day for two hours, and reading time in the afternoon. I hope this works! And I hope that this year he will learn how to read. 🙂Snap-A-Day