November 12

on Veterans Day

Again, its a holiday. No school today for my 2nd grader. I was glad that I was able to extend my rest. I still feel sore from our trip last Saturday. We didnt do much today though. We just stayed at home and enjoy the  comfort of our warm home. The kids were busy playing computer games and their toys. Good to know that they are behaving, and not giving me some headaches. I wanted to take them outside for a walk, but the cold weather and chilly wind hinder us from going. Oh well, I am busy anyhow doing my online task. But hope to do some outdoor fun with the kids later.

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November 11

Student of the Week

My son was the Student of the Week from Nov. 5 -9. The teacher send home this paper below to answer in order to know more about him.  PhotobucketHe also need to bring stuff to show to his class that are important to him like photos, toys, books, and etch. He brought some old photos of his first day here in US, and also his first taste of snow, first Halloween, first Bday here in US, and his first Christmas here. I chose the photos of course on what to show, and told him what to say to everyone, and how he came here in US. Not only that, he also brought some toys that were very important to him, and his Drawing Album where he put all his drawings  since he was 4. It was pretty cool. And when he came home from school on his first day as a Student of the Week, he was very excited to tell me what happened, and the stuff that he said to his class.

On his second day, he brought his fave book to show, ‘The Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss’, and read it in class. He said it was fun being the Student of the Week. He learned a lot of stuff and got the chance to talk in front of the class. I remember when I was little I used to be so scared to stand in front of the class. I guess kids now a days are braver and smarter. Hearing my boy about his day in school was such joy.

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November 7

I Voted

PhotobucketThis sticker was on my 8th year old son’s shirt when he came home from school. I was surprised that they have voted as well, it was only a pretense though. I asked him who he voted for, and he said that he voted for Mr Romney. I was again surprised because he was very smart in choosing the right person to vote! Too bad his candidate didnt win the election. But its okay, at least I know that my kido is smart enough to vote. No offense though to people who voted for the other party.

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November 5

Daylight Saving Time has ended

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you start your weekdays right! Daylight Saving Time has ended on Nov 4, at 2am here in US. And was happy with the extra rest. My little boys were up earlier than usual. So I thought Kuya will be early today at the bus stop, oh boy I was wrong! LoL! I was still hollering at him to hurry up so he will not miss the bus. Ha made it just in time to go outside and the bus was already there at the bus stop. Poor thing, he sure needs a lot of help in the morning. I wish he will change and start to hurry along all by himself, and I dont have to holler at home. I sure hate hollering at him, but what can I do? If I dont, he would be like lost in space. I sure hope he will change, and the karate lessons will help him move faster and be more responsible.