January 13

Tuning it in

To learn to play the guitar is not just learning how to read the notes and strum it. You should also learn how to tune it, guitar string tuning is one of the most important things to learn in guitar lessons. You gotta know if you sound right, right?  You might think its easy and that you can learn it by yourself, but its not. You need a professional to show you the proper way on how to do it and how to listen to your guitar

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October 28

Fall Festival in Elementary School

Kids had so much fun at Fall Festival in School. In spite the bad weather, nothing can stop it from happening. Although it would be nice outside on the ground so it wont be so crowded. But even though its crowded, kids still had so much fun. As you can see on the photo below, my guys are enjoying all the games and the prices that they’ve gathered along. The school did a pretty good job in organizing the event, it was a success! The volunteers did a good job as well. Glad we went even though it was raining hard outside. Seeing the kids happy was just priceless.

 photo fall festival_zpseictgkma.jpg

October 21

Perfect for Outdoor Adventure

Fall temperature is just perfect for outdoor adventure and be close to nature. By this time of the year you don’t need bugs repellent because most of the bugs are all gone. It would be perfect to go hiking in the woods, fishing, bird watching, barbecuing, build a camp fire, and tell scary stories.  Isn’t that fun?! My family and I are thinking of going to the mountain for a little camping trip, but before we gonna do that that we need gears, accessories, and camping equipment such as a tent, toasty sleeping bags for cold night, and other doodads that are necessary for camping. It’s gonna be extra fun because its our first camping trip as family and its good for the kids to appreciate the beauty of nature. I just hope that it will not rain though.

Anyway, how about you? Are you thinking of going to? If you dont have the proper gears yet like we do check out  AvidMax . I stumble into this website upon searching for camping stuff and I sure like what they got here. They got everything about outdoor stuff for different outdoor activities. And its easy to find the stuff that you will need because its categorize properly. So go ahead and check it out, and I will do the same.

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September 4

School Orchestra

School just started last week and things had been so busy lately here in our household. The kids just starting to get used to with their daily routine and want to do something after school. I thought the school orchestra would be a good idea. But first I need to enrol them in private lessons so they wont have a hard time when they joined the school orchestra. Of course they have lessons but its better that they have a background with the musical instrument first before joining. I know the school has a really great program with complete musical instruments. They even used the right granite block for the band. Being in the band would be great for the kids.

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July 27

July is almost over

I cant believe July is almost over and soon its gonna back to school! Oh wow where did Summer go? My family and I haven’t done anything fun yet, or went for a vacation. No wonder my kids are bored and keep on complaining that they got nothing to do. I guess days are longer for them if they got nothing to do. I had been busy doing a lot of things lately and hubby has been working so hard so that we can get a new house this fall. Oh well, maybe this August we will do something fun, maybe a short family vacation.

Anyway, speaking of back to school, shopping stores had their stores set up to back to school theme already. And I’ve seen mommies shopping for supplies. It seems kinda early for that don’t you think? I guess they just want to beat the crowd, cause I bet its going to be crazy this coming August. Well, if you really want to beat the crowd of back2school shoppers, you can always shop online such as the Penn Factory. They have all the supplies you need. They even have wedding items at PenFactory.com if you are looking for one. And their selection is awesome! Prices are pretty affordable too. So you see, you don’t have to beat the crowd cause you can shop any time you want. This Summer everybody deserves to relax enjoy the sun and have some fun with the families. As for us, we will definitely gonna do that before school starts.

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